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Your logo on the apparel? Only embroidery.

Our team has recently placed warm clothes as our priority since it’s finally autumn. We didn’t need to wait long for orders. If you want to create corporate clothing, staff uniforms, sportswear, workwear advertising your company, we are to make sure that your employees and co-workers wear durable, warm and shock/water-resistant clothes on cold, rainy, autumn days. Today let us focus on the technique of printing and our approach to it. 

The best method to put the logo of a company is to embroider it. Not only does it look more professional than a printed logo but it remains the highest quality technique available for putting detailed images and complicated texts on corporate clothing. We want to share the most important reasons for using it as an advertising solution. 


Firstly, it appears to be professional. On autumn days your company logo stays visible even if it rains It must be durable and long-lasting. Embroided corporate clothing or other uniforms are associated with a quality brand that keeps up to newest logo-placing methods and combines practicality of workwear with their brand name being uniquely presented. Moreover, embroided logo on the apparel is really durable. We have on offer great threads that stand up to laundering and remain bright and colorful unlike the shirt that it is embroided onto
Secondly, embroidery creates more options for demanding and various texture fabrics. In autumn fleece is a very popular outdoor wokrwear in many companies but it doesn’t appear perfect for printing because of its coarse texture. Embroidery threads can be applied to any fabric and any texture unlike ink, traditional printing, dying or watercolors
What’s more, it also presents multitude options for a diversity of the apparel. Our team has recently embroided the logo of Swat International Company on down jackets supplied by the client. We really enjoyed realizing the project. Embroidery can be used for a variety of garments from corporate clothing and workwear (also outdoor) to bathrobes and baseball caps where the logo of your company, charity or club gets really visible.
However, embroidery is to some extent more expensive than traditional printing and that is why our team tries our best to focus on innovative and specific projects for both an individual and small to large businesses. If the budget of your company or club allows you to pay for a cost-effective method, it’s better to order the best representation of a quality. The embroided logo or a chosen text invoke the professionalism and quality of the business.
To sum up, the embroided logo equals the best advertising solution for both small and large businesses, clubs, charities and many more…and Royal Print & Embroidery has always guaranteed the best quality at a fair price.

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