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Vehicle graphics

Vehicle graphic is a very efficient and best choice for mobile advertisement, reaching wide group of potential clients. It enables for effective use of usually disused space on company's vehicles. For many years our company performed a vehicle graphic service and we have a huge experience in it. We use highly specialized foils to stick on vehicles. While designing, we make use of an updated base of all newly produced cars' models. Our advertisements are matched with individual clients' needs and vehicles' conditions which are different for commercial cars, vans and many other vehicles.

+ the best choice for mobile advertisements
+ effective use of usually disused space on company's vehicles.
+ very efficient and reaching a wide group of potential clients
+ always matched with individual clients needs and vehicles
+ different conditions for commercial cars, vans or lorries.
+ highly specialized vinyl to apply on vehicles
+ designed with the up-to-date base of all newly produced cars models.




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