We primarily serve trade embroidery and print orders, but welcome individual orders of 10+ items! Contact us for details

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B2B Large / Medium enterprises


- Large factory with loads of staff recruiting new staff regularly and need clothing for them.

- Franchise Network that provides clothing for their branches.

- Large hotels that requires toweling, napkins, bedding to be branded as well as company clothing for their staff.

- Organising large events.

- Managing large projects that involves large group of people.

All types of enterprise whose order regularly 500+ items per order then this section is directed to you.

So whether you are after embroidery or print please click below for more details


B2B Small / Micro enterprises


- Sport club owner or manager like, martial arts club, coaching a swimming team, rowing team, football team etc.

- Hotel, Pub or restaurant owner or manager with few staff working there like receptionists, bar tenders, waiters / waitresses, cleaners, kitchen staff, etc.

- Sole trader with few employees.

Or any type of enterprise whose average order number is about 2-5 times a year for about 20-100 garments then this section is directed to you so please click below for more details


E-Commerce Cooperation

Who this service is for?

If you are an online seller on platforms like Facebook, Ebay, Etsy, Shopify, Amazon and more this service is for you.

Regardless if your sale is 5 or 500 items a day we are sure we can handle it while you can grow your business.


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